Pacific Sands Funds acquires and asset manages multifamily real estate properties with a focus on both near-term income generation, superior cash flow and long-term value creation. The fund’s primary objective is to provide everyday investors access to the $15M to $50M real estate deals that are normally reserved for institutional investors. Our goal is to price out the Country Club smaller investors and stay below the larger institutional investors in markets in which we can establish long-term relationships. Pacific Sands Funds targets value-add opportunities with high-yield passive cash flow and long-term capital appreciation. The Fund has realized gains on our acquisitions with average investor IRRs in the mid 30% range.


Investing in real estate is our passion. Our team is here to get the most out of your investment

Step 1

Investing in our funds is designed to be a straightforward and easy process for investors. The minimum investment is typically $50,000, which will buy you a share in the specific Real Estate Fund. The portfolios are built to include exposure within submarkets that have appreciation cash-flow.

Step 2

After the Fund has an equity raise and closes, it typically takes 12 months for us to increase the rents and perform capital improvements. The team calls this “the heavy-lift” as a significant amount of work goes into the properties.

Step 3

After the Fund has reached the required equity raise and closes, it typically takes 12 months for us to increase the units to market rents and perform our scheduled capital improvements. During this 12 months, the significant amount of work that goes into the properties is what sets our investors up for long-term appreciation and cash flow.

Step 4

When the properties are eventually liquidated/sold off, the investors are compensated based on a Fund split. Typically, our investors get paid in two ways through the fund.


Reposition Underperforming Assets

  • Purchase assets on market CAP rates based on Actual Financials based on rents that are 20%+ below market.
  • Complete the renovations necessary to justify increase in market rents and force asset appreciation.
  • Purchase B-/C+ assets and turn them into B assets through capital improvements and proficient property management.

Proven Track Record of Return of Capital Strategy

  • Stabilize assets within 1-3 years by completing the necessary capital expenditures in order to justify market rents
  • Refinance or sell the asset after stabilization when 40%-50% LTV on market value is achieved.



Our acquisitions have each exceeded initial targets to build generational wealth and passive income.


Our Funds have surpassed expectations in both cash flow and value creation.


Our team of investment professionals possess the experience to acquire and operate assets as efficiently as possible through any market environment.

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Meet Geoff

Geoff Kudlacz AKA Geoffrey Dollars is an real estate investor, entrepreneur, business owner, husband and father. He is managing partner at a real estate investment company that owns over 700 apartments. He also owns multiple 7-figure businesses and has flipped hundreds of homes. Geoff is on a mission to help as many people as possible escape the chains of a 9 to 5 and live a life that is truly financially free.
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